Regular Manicure $15

Clean, cut, buffing and polished everything you need to keep your hands and nails look healthy and happy.

Gel Manicure $35

Gel polish nails mean nails are dry immediately upon completion of the service so no worry about smudging or ruining ones manicure. Holds shine and does not fade like regular nail polish.

Artificial Nails

Full Set Acrylic $35

Full Set White Tips $40

Solar Pink & White $50

SNS Dipping Powder $40

SNS Pink & White $50

Acrylic Fill-in $20

Pink Fill-in $25

Pink & White Fill-in $40


Spa Pedicure $30

A simple treatment that includes foot soaking, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polishing.

Deluxe Pedicure $45

We will treat your skin with emollients and exfoliant to leave your feet and legs glowing and hydrated. Includes Callus Treatment*. Towel Wrap. Foot & Calf massage then Nail Polish Application.
* Callus Treatment is an exfoliation process using cream and buffer to remove thick layer of dry skin, to reveal smoother, softer skin.

Fresh Cucumber Pedicure $55

Fresh cucumber is great for dehydrated skin. It also helps moisturize and tighten tired skin and leave it feeling moist and smooth. Enjoy the benefits of nature in the cucumber exfoliating and detoxifying masque. After soak, freshly sliced cucumber are rubbed on your legs and feet.
* Includes Neck Wrap, Callus Treatment, Towel Wrap, Paraffin Wax, Hot Stone & Nail Polish Application.

Fresh Lemon Pedicure $55

Refresh with our sweet smelling citrus scrubs that will exfoliate and add antioxidants to your skin. The alpha hydroxy acids in citrus fruits gently cleanse and kill germs and certain bacteria. After the soak, freshly sliced lemons are rubbed on your legs and feet to cool and close pores.
* Includes Neck Wrap, Callus Treatment, Towel Wrap, Paraffin Wax, Hot Stone & Nail Polish Application.

Organic Honey Green Tea Pedicure $65

Green Tea is packed with health and beauty benefits that can be maximized when applied directly to the skin. It also helps to fight free radical damage and promote overall health. Warm bath prepares in powerful antioxidants to preserve the younger looking skin. Enjoy a therapeutic benefit of a Green Tea soak. Exfoliate with a green tea scrub. It washes away dead skin, dirt and odor as it dissolves in water. Green Tea soothing and hydrating Mask is restorative skincare mask that smoother and will draw in moisture where you need while softening án relaxing. Warm towel wrap to assist serum with penetration. Dêp massage with hot stones án pain relief. Massage gel this rich formula contains powerful antioxidant of green tea. Promote healthy circulation and help fight free radicals. Collagen shocks are applied to reduction in skin wrinkle. Callus treatment and Hot Stone includes. Finishing with Green Tea Cream. Your feet will be infused with our super moisturizing, blend of real Honey and fragrant cream extract to help calm and condition dry skin.

Additional Services

Polish Change/ French $10 /$15

Nail Fix/ Nail Design $5

Gel Polish/ French $25 /$30

Callus Remove $10

Paraffin Wax $10

Gel Take-off $10

Acrylic Take-off $10


Eyebrow $12

Chin $10

Upper Lips $8

Side Bum $15

Full Face $40

Chest $40

Back $55

Bikini $50

Brazilian $75

Haft Arms $30

Full Arms $50

Under Arms $30

Lower leg $45

Full Leg $70